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8GB of soft, warm Data hacked from Lil Data's own USB drive in February 2019, cloned in its entirety without modification, and leaked online for mass distribution
The entire four disc anthological album Folder Dot Zip in high quality WAV, low quality MP2, and every single quality in between
Highest-resolution Burnnn and Folder Dot Zip artworks by SCOTTY2HOTTY69 and Timothy Luke
All TidalCycles source code used on Folder Dot Zip, plus samples and unheard / unfinished Lil Data musikompromat
Confidential files transferred to Lil Data in full confidence by PC Music artists and soon-to-be-distanced friends
A directory structure resembling the growth of a genetically mortified slime mould
Exclusive commentary from Lil Data on topics such as Folder Dot Zip
Spare space for day trips and file-sharing picnics with your friends
Forensics estimated with 83% confidence the password "TinyDatumVsDrederickTatum1999"


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